From: Stewart Harris 
Subject: Matt Yee L'85, University of Pennsylvania Law School, 

Penn alumni, especially law school alumni, may wish to take note of the fascinating, non-traditional career path of Matt Yee, L'85.

Upon reading a recent Class Note in the Law School's alumni publication, I learned that my almost-classmate had left a successful Hawaii real-estate practice to pursue his first love: Music. I immediately contacted Matt (for the first time in 15 years) and ordered several of his CD's. They're absolutely marvelous. Little wonder that, in a relatively short time, Matt has established himself as the foremost cabaret artist of the Islands, with frequent tours back here on the mainland. His original music is a blend of pop, reggae and Liberace, with lots of humor and insight thrown in. A gay man, he sings authentically of introspection and self-discovery, but without rancor or despair. His lyrics, though written from his own distinct experience, appeal to anyone who has ever wrestled with issues of identity, relationships and purpose. 

I realize that my last few sentences read like a press release. They're not. Matt's not paying me -- in fact, he charged me the going rate for his CD's! I am writing simply to bring Matt's career to the attention of his fellow Penn grads, some of whom may be inspired by his example to leave the corporate grind and follow their dreams.

I encourage your readers to vist and check out Matt's music for themselves.

Stewart Harris, L'86
Harris Law Offices
Orange Park, Florida