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Matt’s performed to sold out houses numerous times at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York City on 42nd Street.  Here are some reviews:

"I LOVE MATT YEE" -- Chita Rivera

"I'M THE REAL MATT YEE" -- Patti Lupone

“If that wasn't the most successful debut show in NYC, I don't know what was. Matt Yee is fabulous, the audience was completely in tune...Great job winning over New York!”  Marilyn Green of Travel Age West Magazine


“Saw Matt Yee tonight at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC! It was a BRILLIANT performance... so inspiring. Funny, and heartbreaking all at the same time. I will never listen to "landslide" the same again...” Telly Leung on Twitter (star of Godspell on Broadway and Glee)




The DGALA enlisted Matt for an encore performance of his outrageous adult sing along show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC on April 27th. Described by The San Francisco Chronicle as "Elton John meets Margaret Cho", Matt's performance incorporates fabulous costumes, humor, and, of course, piano playing and singing to make for a fun-filled evening.  The Chicago Tribune described Matt's show as a "flash of Liberace with the warmth of a Hawaiian Luau."  More details here.


Matt's show has been featured on CNN, the History Channel & Travel Channel.  He recently performed on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda during the Inaugurals of the Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas.

Here's Matt's Logo TV debut on Bump! (2010)

See Matt in his cameo on Michael Mew’s film "Q-CASE."

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CLICK HERE for Matt's feature in OUT TRAVELER magazine

CLICK HERE for Matt's review in Britain's "The Mirror"


“Some things are just good for the soul.  One of those things is attending a Matt Yee show. I did tonight and I'm like, twenty years younger. If you are looking for something hysterical to do,  you should attend his show...You’ll leave with a smile on your face. What's not to love about that?"  Broadway Producer Lorenzo Thione

“Utterly infectious. Any shyness you have about singing in public will be wiped out by Yee’s overwhelming tsunami of silliness. You will sing. You will dance. You will make synchronized hand gestures...”  Passport Magazine READ MORE

“The evening’s repertoire is likely to swing frantically from TV theme songs, to Broadway tunes, to pop hits; a maniacal mash up, masterfully orchestrated by a man who makes it all look incredibly offhand and casual. However the rest of your week is going, you can guarantee yourself a big smile this Saturday night..." SF Agenda  READ MORE

"Friday night was so very many moons past awesome. It is indeed a matter of empirical record that you were the first performer at the St James Theatre, London's first new theatre for over 30 years. Yet more importantly, however, in theatrical-speak you didn't just play St James: you owned it. Not only did you transfix our guests as 'Yee who shall be obeyed", but even the venue's staff where quizzing us in hushed tones of near-disbelief as to the Show Biz Force Of Nature that they had just witnessed. London is reeling!" -- Simon Ruddick, head of Albourne Partners, London.

"Elton John meets Margaret Cho," as he’s been described in the press, is a fitting description for a guy who logged time as a singer/songwriter, a producer and a "Guerrilla queer piano bar" maven... Edge New York Review. READ MORE

"He shifts from one outrageous wig to another, wraps himself and members of the audience in boas and waves his magic wand as if to transport them to another place or time in music and in life..." READ MORE


Here's a note from Dan Hebble, the organizer of my Late Nite Adult Sing Along Show at the Oakhurst Country Club in Columbus Ohio:
"Matt, I am planning "MATT YEE LIVE" at Oakhurst #2! Thanks for all you did to make it a Perfect day and event!!! You were the perfect climax to the entire day! Greatest Event ever at Oakhurst Country Club!!!"

CruiseMates' Readers Cruise Reviews Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Serenade of the Seas
by John & Christina, 

"Grade: A. The Schooner piano bar was really a hotspot. We only had an opportunity to stop here twice, but we had a great time while we were there. Matt Yee, the performer, is unlike any piano entertainer we've experienced -- he takes it to the next level in getting everyone involved and having fun. He makes lots of fun of himself, dressing up as all sorts of interesting characters to keep everyone entertained!"

Mariner of the Seas 
by PhilipNTx

"One entertainer you can't miss while onboard is Matt Yee. He is the piano entertainer at the Schooner Bar. He is HILARIOUS! He's a great singer, but his big thing is audience participation, and he get people involved almost to the point of embarrassment. I attended his show on more than one night. He plays great sing-a-long tunes, and everyone has a great time."

Buy the Sea: where incentive buyers buy cruises
"In the Schooner Bar, you musn’t miss the electric sing-a-longs with Matt Yee. Every night it was standing room only. He is quite an entertainer."

Freedom of the Seas trip report by Erica Silverstein, Staff
"At night, check out Matt Yee's adult singalong; it's campfire singing meets drinking game."

Jonathan J:
"First off I KNEW I was on the right boat when we had a woman and her husband from one of the RCCL ships in St. Maarten ask us if Matt Yee was on our boat - they were SO jealous - they knew what fun we were having. I have been re-living the trip in my head and through pictures... and with the help of a CD we bought from Matt... I feel as if I'm at the Rendezvous Lounge each night since we got back!!!!! "

Cruise critic
"Best piano man I've ever seen was Matt Yee!"

Show Biz

By Wayne Harada 
Advertiser Columnist 
Local entertainer Matt Yee is performing on Rosie O'Donnell's cruise in the Caribbean this week, sharing the stage with "The View" co-host, Gloria Estefan and others. "What an amazing experience," he notes. ...


Metro Weekly (Washington D.C.) 
How do you know you're on a gay cruise?... But if you still didn't clue in to it, how about the sight of comedian Matt ''Haw'' Yee in a muu-muu on top of that same waterslide at nearly every pool party, smiling and twirling with arms extended acting as the ship's Queen Mother addressing her subjects. 

"YEE CAN DO IT!  Few artists can combine the flash of Liberace with the warmth of a Hawaiian Luau, but then again few artists are MATT YEE. This is a unique singer and recording artist!" --Chicago Tribune, Tempo pick of the week 

Matt has been seen on Baywatch Hawaii, Honolulu Cru, Intersections (travel channel), X4 Project (starry Adam Sandler), The Cube on Evening Magazine (S.F.), Outlook Video, Out in Paradise and on many TV news programs.  


Hear what people have to say about Matt's Shows here!

wpe35407.gif (573098 bytes) Check out Royal Caribbean's Compass for New Year's Eve featuring Matt's Show

.wpe48781.gif (682374 bytes)  Matt performed his "LOVE LUAU" Show every cruise on the Monarch of the Seas! 

PRESS (click below):

The Long Beach Update 

The Fresno Bee

Award-Winning Men: Up Close and Personal With Gay Honorees (Paperback)
by Ed Karvoski

Doug Stevens San Francisco Review (Outvoice)

Baltimore Outloud

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin

The Philadelphia City Paper

QSF (San Francisco)

YeeBayWindows.jpeg.jpg (444388 bytes) Bay Windows (New England) (click on photo)

Southern Voice  (Atlanta) Reviewed by Patrick Arena

The 2001 OMA's Directors Award

The Honolulu Advertiser

The University of Pennsylvania Gazette

Matt has garnered standing ovations and full houses for his hit shows:  

"Matt Yee's Twisted Singalongs!"

"Matt Yee's Love Luau"

"The Love & Liberace Show" and "The Liberace Luau Show"

"The Diva Show (A Tribute to the Strong Women in Our Lives)", 

"The Co-Dependent Show (A Timeless Look at Love)"  


"A Thanksgiving Cabaret (A Show of Gratitude)

"Diva 2000

 top hat flyer.jpg (207397 bytes) "The Love & Liberace Show" 

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with his mix of hula, chant, original and popular songs, and incisive humor and warm stories. He is Hawaii’s foremost cabaret artist whose solo shows regularly sell out. He’s proud to wear fabulous costumes and tell outrageous and touching stories about our lives.