The 1st Annual OUTMUSIC Awards


March 1, 2001 - New York -- OUTMUSIC has announced recipients of the first OMA DIRECTOR'S AWARDS. The DIRECTOR'S AWARDS recognize inspirational achievement and support by and for OUTMUSICIANS.

The 2001 OMA DIRECTOR'S AWARD recipients are MATT YEE, Honolulu, Hawaii; award citation follow:

MATT YEE ( is recognized for his work as a promoter and performer. Though far from the Meccas of New York and San Francisco, Matt has been a powerful force, creating awareness and introducing Hawaiians of all orientations to their inner drag queen. Matt has also been a relentless touring artist, scheduling appearances throughout the US in 2000, including Pride festivals and concerts in major mainland cities. Beyond his own schedule, Matt has frequently reached out to other artists to offer ideas, feedback, contacts and support. He is an inspiration to OUTMUSICIANS for his dedication to his craft, and his energy in promoting his art.


ABOUT THE OMAs: The OMA Awards recognize excellence in recordings, live performance, support, songwriting and LGBT cultural working by OUTMUSIC members. Because the OMAs are limited to OUTMUSIC members, it is a true peer award, honoring success on a scale other major industry awards may overlook. OMA nominees and winners are recognized not only for their artistic excellence but also for their participation in the organization and their efforts on behalf of gay musicians everywhere. A complete list of categories, nominees, weblinks and biographical information can be found online at For artist press kits or sample CDs, please let us know or visit individual member websites.