Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 
From: "Stevens, Doug"
Subject: [Outvoice] Matt Yee 

Hey Ya'll,

For the first time in a while, I was at home in SF, not performing anywhere
on Gay Pride Week-end. It was GREAT!!! I got to go to the parade and watch
the incredibly FABULOUS leather contingent, lead by 'Mama' in a midieval,
winged chariot, pulled by buffed leather men, accompanied by white leopards
(real ones in cages). The leather contingent ended with a convertible with
the Outband's Houston Davenport (Mr. SF Leather). He was accompanied by
collar'd leather boys! It was a sight to behold.

There were also some great sounds that week-end. I went to Piaf's on
Saturday night and heard and saw Matt Yee do his thang. This is the first
time I have actually been able to see one of Matt's shows. He is
WONDERFUL!!! He is soooooooo funny! I didn't know he was such a comedien. He
really gets the audience involved in the show. We were laughing big belly
laughs! He passes out the boas of love and gets couples, singles and lots of
others in between into the show. His is the time of humor that brings people
together and makes you feel all warm and connected. During one of his skits,
he even got me and my new boyfriend (yes, I have a new one) up on the stage
(along with another couple) to dance to one of his songs.

Thanks! --Doug
Doug Stevens
Doug Stevens & the Outband
San Francisco, CA